Pond Applications 

At Unity Water Conditioning –  we have been providing water solutions for more than 35 years. Located in Northwest Ohio we provide a complete line of Pond Equipment and supplies. Unity Water Conditioning – is completely bonded and licensed in the state of Ohio.  

For most city residents, a dependable, safe water supply is taken for granted. In many suburban and rural areas, however, landowners and farmers are facing real challenges in finding and maintaining an adequate safe water supply. Where a city water supply isn’t an option, or where water rate charges often drive up the cost of service in common areas, natural water sources (Pond Water & Cisterns) may be the only viable option.

When you’re searching for a new clean water supply, you can rely on the experts at Unity Water Conditioning. We specialize in making your surface water safe by properly filtering and disinfecting it to provide safe, clear & clean water for your family.

Many homeowners that aren’t serviced by public water systems generally turn to ground water or drilled wells as a potential source of for their water needs. In many cases, wells are expensive to drill and there is no guarantee, the quality or quantity of water will be adequate for household needs. Well water can be contaminated with a multitude of challenges:  iron, sulfur, or even chemicals. Where wells are a viable option, surface water provides a very good alternative. Surface water sources generally include cisterns, springs, lakes and ponds.

Treated properly and disinfected followed by filtering, surface water can provide a great source of clean, safe, and inexpensive water for your home, livestock, lawn, garden, or even swimming pools.

At Unity Water Conditioning - we design and build State Approved Pond Applications. With our state of the art Pond Systems, your pond will not only add beauty to your landscape, it will also provide you with all your household water needs!!! We are here to serve you.


K-5 Reverse Osmosis

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